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Torch Down Roofs

Torch down roofing is a term used for membrane roofs made from fiberglass and polyester with bitumen that are added to tar and gravel roofing. The fibers help hold the bitumen and keep it in shape. Roofers use flame torches to torch down overlapping layers and melt the bitumen to seal the seams and stick together. Many install the bitumen and fiber layers over tar and gravel roofs because heating creates stronger bond between tar and bitumen. A tar and gravel roof is a mix of molten tar and gravel poured to the roofing section and left to be hardened. Using today’s modern tools, torch down roofing can be installed by as few as four people.

Before undertaking the job, remember to prioritize safety. The flame and fumes pose danger of serious burns and intoxication to fumes. The torch is also a fire hazard, clear all rubbish such as dry leaves, paper, wood and plastics. The location of the torch should be known and remembered all times, and extra care and attention must be given when handling it. Wear safety gloves and mask at work.

Before installation, first organize a plan and the manpower. One member of the team should be a team leader whose duties are to direct all other workers and to synchronize all the work and effort into a structured way. In this way, accidents due to miscommunication and uncoordinated actions can be minimized. Lay the roofing and torch the seams and at the same time another team positions and prepare the next roll in the roof. Most torch down roofs are flat roofs with little slope elevation. Installation can be quick and easy.

Leaking roof of torch down roofing can be solved by torching the hole and applying patch. Now there are available layers in the market that feature self-sealing properties.Image Source: Continue reading

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